About Friends of Texas

Friends of Texas is aligned with The Native Texan Hall of Fame.  We assist qualified Texas organizations to raise money for, and awareness of, their activities.  We aggressively promote The Hall through a variety of mechanisms.  The Hall then serves to extol, edify and encourage those Texans that have served Texas well.

Texans honored in The Hall include persons from all walks of life.  There are Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Valued Employees, and other truly incredible Texans.  When you nominate a deserving Texan to The Hall, you have bestowed a very public, very powerful, very significant honor available nowhere else.

To obtain admission into The Hall, you must support an existing Friend of Texas.  Once you’ve decided which of our Texas Friends you would like to support, you’ll select whether your Inductee should be admitted with Honors, or with High Honors.

Once that decision is made and you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be permitted to nominate one qualified Texas Organization for inclusion in FriendsOfTexas.com.  This new Friend of Texas will be placed within our 360 degree, 365 Day/Year promotional system.  When you provide Friends of Texas status to an organization you care deeply about, you’ve assured a large number of people will learn about and, perhaps, financially support an organization near and dear to your heart.

Friends of Texas will notify your nominee to assure they’re aware of the significant asset you’ve provided them.  We will also take steps to assure the new friend is aware of how best to maximize their new benefits.

The first step to admission is to help a current friend.  Friends helping friends is what Friends of Texas is all about.

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