Inheritance Adoptions

Inheritance Adoptions is a Christian-based child-placing agency and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We operate a ministry to both pregnant women in crisis and loving couples who desire to grow their families.  Our services to birth parents are free and include counseling, information on having a healthy pregnancy, and transportation to doctor’s appointments.  We also provide shelter, food, and clothing when necessary.

Our mission is to serve Christ by offering a positive alternative in response to an unplanned pregnancy and to assist birth parents in making the most loving decision for their child.

Please support Inheritance Adoptions by inducting your friends, family or colleagues into the Native Texan Hall of Fame.

They may be inducted with Honors or with High Honors.

Once your remittance is received, you may request that a qualified Texas organization be admitted to Friends of Texas.  Once admitted, they will benefit from our extensive marketing efforts.

Inheritance Adoptions

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