How You’ll Honor Your Friends and
Support Your Qualified Texas Organization


Friends of Texas is an integral component of the Great Texas Fundraiser system.  This is the location where you’ll select the Friend of Texas you wish to support.  When you click on the Friend’s link in the upper navigation bar, you’ll make your selection.  Once you’ve done that, you’re permitted to make two nominations:

  1. Nominate an Individual into the Native Texan Hall of Fame with Honors or with High Honors.
  2. Nominate a Qualified Texas Organization to Benefit From Our Fundraising System.

The Qualified Texas Organization you nominate may then benefit from our fundraising efforts.  It becomes very easy for you to direct people to your entities “Friends” page.  When you add your direct efforts to ours you can then create more fundraising success more quickly.

It is truly a virtuous circle.

You might nominate:

  • Your Church;
  • Your Child’s School;
  • Your Club;
  • Or Whomever you Choose

Once your nomination is approved, that entity then becomes a Qualified Friend of Texas.  Your organization then benefits from our fundraising efforts as well as those you personally undertake. 

For additional details on the process, please visit Great Texas Fundraiser.  Click Here

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